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Celebrity of the Week: Jadon

Posted on: March 4, 2009


Hi, My name is Jadon.  I play football for Eagle Point.  I love to hang out with friends on weekends.  Then I love to go to arcades and to ride dirtbikes.  But the think I like is nite games.  Me and my friends always play spy at 12 and go to bed at 3:00AM. 

If you ask me what I love to do, you’ll probably be better off asking someone else because it could get scary!  I like to jump off things, ride things down steep hills and I like to wreck on cement.  Let’s go to a calmer side…  I like to jump into hot tubs and to pools but try not to do that at home!

My future dream is to become a billionaire and own a private jet and have the New York Giants in the NFL and to own expensive cars and dirt bikes but most of all stuff for my family and to help homeless people get houses.


3 Responses to "Celebrity of the Week: Jadon"

Great Job Jadon! I enjoyed reading your Celebrity Bio!

you are cool jadon and you pictures were awsome

nice job jadon great bio i loved how you commented on my star of the week confusing!

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  • McKenna: summer is over and school has started and i love fifth grade its awesome and we really miss summer stone we love you summer
  • McKenna: school is almost starting!!!!! WHOOOOOOOO!!!!
  • McKenna: great job megan hope you have a great summer!



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