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Hi, my name is McKenna and I am ten years old.  I have lived in Oregon my entire life and I really love it.  I also have a little brother named Zack and he is seven years old.  We both go to Little Butte Elementary and we love it so much!  I am in fourth grade and Zack is in second grade.  My mom, however, is 38 and is in phlebotomy school to be a phlebotomist.  I am very happy!  My dad is 36 and he is in construction and has a great job. 

I love my family very much.  My family each loves each other and I love them back.  I hope that when I grow up I will have a wonderful family.  I wish that my grandma moves safely and that she is happy in Palm Springs with her dog.  In the future I wish to have a great family and husband and I have always wished to go to Hawaii to see dolphins jump into the sunset.  That’s me!  I love my family, friends and pets!




Hi, My name is Megan and when I go outside I play with my friends and sometimes we go to the park and climb on the toys and jump off.  Sometimes we get slivers and have to go home.  When I wake up I go to school and have fun.  I love my family and going with my mom to my grandmas house to help her and stay the night.  I would like to go to Disneyland someday and see Minnie Mouse!

We’re doing something new in Room 4…it’s called “Scouting”.  These kids get caught doing things really well in our room and earn Meteor Tickets.  Ask your child about it!


Harlee, Ben, McKenna, Jadon, Thomas, Hannah, Dezie, Tucker, Tre, Grant, Summer, Nicholas, Emily, Tyrell, Blake, Cody, Sammy Jo, Jayson, Paul, Haley, Grant, Cody & Debie!




Dr. Seuss birthday


I am going to tell you what room four did on Dr. Seuss birthday. The first thing we did was went to a assembly and sang happy birthday to him. When we came back we did cool partner reading. That is when we have a partner and we read a book together.  We got to do it in our room or Mrs. Backstrom’s room. When we were done we went to recess. when we got back we did some fun reading rounds. Then are teacher [Mrs. Derek] read us some of the miserable mill. Then we went to lunch. We came back and did story line online that is a website were famous people like Elijah woods read stories to us that was fun because we get to here the voices of famous people. After that we read some of the Midwest in our regions book. Next we got ready to go to library. At library we did a word search of Dr. Seuss it was fun. Then we had a chance to read Dr. Sues books. Finally we got to go home.

That’s what we did on his birthday.


By Nicholas Nelson


Harlee, Dezurra, Tre, Nick, Ben, Savannah, Paul and Haley!

See you at THE BREAKFAST CLUB on Wednesday March 11th at 7:50 AM! 

Congratulations and GREAT JOB READING!!!pancake


Hi, My name is Jadon.  I play football for Eagle Point.  I love to hang out with friends on weekends.  Then I love to go to arcades and to ride dirtbikes.  But the think I like is nite games.  Me and my friends always play spy at 12 and go to bed at 3:00AM. 

If you ask me what I love to do, you’ll probably be better off asking someone else because it could get scary!  I like to jump off things, ride things down steep hills and I like to wreck on cement.  Let’s go to a calmer side…  I like to jump into hot tubs and to pools but try not to do that at home!

My future dream is to become a billionaire and own a private jet and have the New York Giants in the NFL and to own expensive cars and dirt bikes but most of all stuff for my family and to help homeless people get houses.

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  • McKenna: summer is over and school has started and i love fifth grade its awesome and we really miss summer stone we love you summer
  • McKenna: school is almost starting!!!!! WHOOOOOOOO!!!!
  • McKenna: great job megan hope you have a great summer!